Holistic Medicine

Holistic & Integrative Family Medicine is a practice which combines conventional, or allopathic, medicine with naturopathic and other forms of alternative medicine. In Holistic Medicine, health is viewed as much more than the absence of illness. Optimal health is achieved by addressing all aspects of the individual, including physical, emotional, mental, environmental, social and spiritual. Lifestyle modification and stress-management are crucial to tackling most health concerns.

A major determinant of healing outcomes is the quality of the patient/physical relationship. Illness can be a learning opportunity for both the patient and physician.

Physician and patient are two sides of the same coin.

Integrative Medicine

Embraces all of the healing arts. These include herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, many types of massage and manipulative therapies, energy medicine, spiritual practices, traditional Chinese medicine, aromatherapy, and Ayurveda. Traditional Western, or Allopathic, medicine inadequately addresses many common complaints and serious illnesses. My goal is to offer a more comprehensive approach to your concerns, either within the office setting or by referral.

While fully trained in conventional medicine, Dr. Stone's practice emphasizes natural medicines, nutrition, the patient-physician relationship, removing emotional blocks to healing, spirituality, and faith in the body's amazing ability to heal itself.